Aaron Solomon is the Director of Strategy and Legal Liaison of Ravenyard Group. Aaron was strongly drawn to Ravenyard’s mission because of his own experience in the legal profession and what he saw as a fundamental lack of understanding around the human issues that arise out of client crises. This led him to explore issues of professional agency, the intersection of personal crisis and work, and non-traditional pathways to success and wellbeing. He firmly believes that self-awareness is central to success in business and life.


Prior to Ravenyard, Aaron spent nearly 15 years as an attorney specializing primarily in commercial litigation. He served for nearly ten years as an outside counsel for the State of Colorado in arbitrations under the 1998 master tobacco settlement agreement. These arbitrations, with billions of dollars at issue, involved almost all of the states and territories of the United States along with all of the major American tobacco manufacturers. His work on complex contentious matters allowed him to hone his ability to bring together diverse viewpoints in a high-profile, high-stakes context.


Aaron holds a JD from the University of Chicago Law School and a BA with Honors from Wesleyan University’s College of Social Studies.